My favoret cod4 code

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My favoret cod4 code

Post  TormentedModz on Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:13 am


set playlist "7"
set Cg_hudchatposition "250 250"
set 1 "bind button_a god;say self;say ^2god;say 2;say 3;say 4;bind dpad_down vstr 1b;cg_chatHeight 5;bind dpad_right vstr 2"
set 1b "bind button_a ufo;say self;say 1;say ^2ufo;say 3;say 4;bind dpad_down vstr 1c;bind dpad_right vstr 2"
set 1c "bind button_a player_sustainAmmo 1;cg_fov 80;r_specularmap 2;cg_laserForceOn 1;say self;say 1;say 2;say ^2Infc.;say 4;bind dpad_down vstr 1d;bind dpad_right vstr 2"
set 1d "bind button_a give all;say self;say 1;say 2;say 3;say ^2All;bind dpad_down vstr 1;bind dpad_right vstr 2"
set 3 "bind button_a vstr j;say match;say ^2move;say 2;say 3;bind dpad_down vstr 3a;cg_chatheight 4;bind dpad_right vstr 4"
set 3a "bind button_a toggle timescale 0.5 1.0;say match;say 1;say ^2slow;say 3;bind dpad_down vstr 3b;bind dpad_right vstr 4"
set 3b "bind button_a toggle timescale 2.0 1.0;say match;say 1;say 2;say ^2fast;bind dpad_down vstr 3;bind dpad_right vstr 4"
bind dpad_up "r_desaturation 4;r_blur 9;vstr 1"


set gpad_buttonsConfig "t"
set a "vstr b"
set b "scr_xpscale 200;^3LowXP;set a vstr c"
set c "scr_xpscale 4000;^2HighXP;set a vstr b"
set 2 "bind button_a vstr a;say XP;say ^1XP/toggle;say 2;bind dpad_down vstr 8;cg_chatheight 3;bind dpad_right vstr 3"
set 8 "bind button_a fast_restart;say XP;say 1;say ^2Restart;bind dpad_down vstr 2;bind dpad_right vstr 3"
set 4 "bind button_a give airstrike_mp;say K$;say ^1Air$;say 2;bind dpad_down vstr 9;g_chatheight 3;bind dpad_right vstr 5"
set 9 "bind button_a give helicopter_mp;say K$;say 1;say ^1Heli.;bind dpad_down vstr 4;bind dpad_right vstr 5"
set 5 "bind button_a give brick_blaster_mp;say Weap;say ^1BRICK;say 2;bind dpad_down vstr 6;cg_chatheight 3;bind dpad_right vstr 1"
set 6 "bind button_a give defaultweapon_mp;say Weap;say 1;say ^1Def.;bind dpad_down vstr 5;bind dpad_right vstr 1"
set j "jump_height 998;g_speed 600;bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 999"
bind button_x "+actionslot 4;bind button_a +gostand;cg_chatheight 0;r_blur 0;r_desaturation 0"

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